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NOVEMBER 19, 10 am EST

Reducing deforestation will have to be a major part of pledges by developing countries trying to reduce their carbon emissions in the coming years. In preparation for the U.N. climate talks, Forest Trends held a special press teleconference with our experts to discuss the international challenges of financing forest protection and how negotiators can make sure forests are a part of any global climate deal.

Listen to the Recording of the Teleconference:

During the call, we set out to provide the most up-to-date details on what is working in countries where the money is now flowing, what’s not working, and possible outcomes for forests at COP21. We also discussed the successes and barriers in the private sector and the outlook for private sector payments for forest carbon protection – both with and without a strong international agreement.

The press call featured Gustavo Silva-Chávez, Manager of Forest Trends’ REDDX (REDD eXpenditures) Initiative; and Allie Goldstein, Program Associate at Forest Trends’ Ecosystem Marketplace.