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Online Q&A on Marine Ecosystem Services

Marine Ecosystem Services Partnership, Durham, USA

Is your coastal/marine project struggling to calculate the value of ecosystem services? Are you looking for successful cases of ecosystem service valuations in decision-making? This is your opportunity for guidance.

In this interactive ‘Office Hour’ chat, Linwood Pendleton will take your questions on marine and coastal ecosystem services. Linwood will also discuss outcomes from the August 2013 meeting in Bali of the Ecosystem Services Partnership.

Linwood directs the Marine Ecosystem Services Partnership, an online center for information and communication on the human uses of marine ecosystems around the world. He is also Director of Ocean and Coastal Policy at Duke University’s Nicholas Institute for Environmental Policy Solutions, and from 2011-2013 served as Acting Chief Economist for NOAA.

More about the Office Hour:

This Office Hour takes place on, the knowledge-sharing forum for ocean planners and managers worldwide. The event will be a live interactive chat conducted by typing and reading text – there is no audio component. Office Hour chats provide an opportunity for audience members to ask questions to our guests; audience members may also share their own experiences and insights with the guests and other participants. 

All participants are able (and encouraged) to post, and all participants are able to view all posts. You do not need to be logged into the OpenChannels site to participate in the chat. However, you are encouraged to create a user account and log in so you do not need to create temporary user account for each Office Hour.

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