We have as little as a decade to keep global warming below 1.5° Celsius — a critical tipping point in global systems. What we do today will determine what kind of planet we leave our children and grandchildren tomorrow.

Cutting emissions is no longer enough. We will need negative emissions: strategies that increase carbon sequestration dramatically and quickly.

These carbon sequestration solutions already exist: in our forests and other carbon-rich ecosystems. But we are losing them every day.

Our mission is to drive the financial investments that are needed to restore and protect these natural places forever. Forest Trends has worked for two decades to build proven models that connect governments, indigenous communities, conservation groups, companies, researchers, and investors to rebuild our planet’s “natural infrastructure.”

As Forest Trends celebrates our 20th Anniversary, we’ve launched our first Catalytic Capital campaign in support of that mission.

We have a proven track record of successfully leveraging seed funding for major impacts.

In 2016, we used $200,000 in core mission support from foundations for project incubation and coalition-building in Peru. This led to a $27.5 million grant in 2018 from USAID and the Government of Canada to scale up our nature-based water security model across Peru and laid the groundwork for a national funding mechanism that has already secured an additional $125 million in public funds to sustain this work for decades to come.

Your gift allows Forest Trends to deliver similar results in the other places where we work.