Managing NATURA 2000 Sites: The Provisions of Article 6 of the ‘Habitats’ Directive 92/42/CEE

European Union

The first chapter of Directive 92/43/EEC, comprising Articles 1 and 2, is entitled ‘Definitions’. This chapter sets out the aim of the directive which is to ‘contribute towards ensuring biodiversity through the conservation of natural habitats and of wild fauna and flora in the European territory of the Member States to which the Treaty applies’ […]


Biodiversity Offsets: Views, Experience, and the Business Case – Executive Summary

Kerry ten Kate, Josh Bishop, Ricardo Bayon

Biodiversity1 offsets are conservation2 activities intended to compensate for the residual, unavoidable harm to biodiversity caused by development projects. Recent experience with regulatory regimes, such as wetland and conservation banking in the USA, tradable forest conservation obligations in Brazil and habitat compensation requirements in Australia, Canada and the EU, has been supplemented by growing interest […]


Biodiversity Offset Design Handbook

2012 Update


The updated Offset Design Handbook presents information on a range of issues, approaches, methodologies and possible tools from which offset planners can select the approaches best suited to their individual circumstances when designing a biodiversity offset. It describes a generic process that offset planners could use in designing a biodiversity offset, from initial conception of […]


TBC and FFI (2012) Oyu Tolgoi Net Positive Impact Forecast

Unpublished draft report of The Biodiversity Consultancy Ltd and Fauna & Flora International, May 2012

The Biodiversity Consultancy Ltd, Fauna & Flora International

This appendix forecasts the theoretical and technical feasibility of the Oyu Tolgoi project achieving a Net Positive Impact (NPI) or No Net Loss (NNL) on biodiversity. Residual losses, which are the losses remaining after the mitigation hierarchy of avoid, minimise and restore has been followed, were estimated for each priority biodiversity value. Biodiversity gains at […]