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TBC and FFI (2012) Oyu Tolgoi Net Positive Impact Forecast

Unpublished draft report of The Biodiversity Consultancy Ltd and Fauna & Flora International, May 2012

By The Biodiversity Consultancy Ltd, Fauna & Flora International
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This appendix forecasts the theoretical and technical feasibility of the Oyu Tolgoi project
achieving a Net Positive Impact (NPI) or No Net Loss (NNL) on biodiversity. Residual
losses, which are the losses remaining after the mitigation hierarchy of avoid, minimise
and restore has been followed, were estimated for each priority biodiversity value.
Biodiversity gains at offset sites were estimated for each priority biodiversity value
based on a proposed set of possible offset areas and activities as outlined in Appendix
IV Offset Strategy. This does not imply that these offset areas and activities will be
undertaken, but does show the approximate area and type of offsets needed to achieve
NPI/NNL. Losses and gains were estimated using a metric of Quality Hectares (QH).
These methods derive a scientifically defensible offsets ratio based on the gains and
losses per hectare, for each biodiversity value, a more rigorous and tailored approach
than the subjective selection of an overall offset ratio taken by some regulators and