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Global Energy: Introducing the Goldman Sachs Energy Environmental and Social Index

By Goldman Sachs
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We have created the Goldman Sachs Energy Environmental and Social (GSEES) Index by scoring companies relative to each other on metrics within the above categories. There are 30 criteria, of which 28 are objective. We have not attempted to score the industry against other industries. We find significant differences in performance across categories, but some companies score consistently well, notably BP, RD/Shell, Statoil and ExxonMobil. BP and RD/Shell’s scores are 8% higher than that of their
nearest peer, ExxonMobil. Among the Regionals, Statoil is 10% higher than its nearest rivals, Norsk Hydro and BG, which also post noteworthy performances, as does ENI. Of the top ten companies in terms of GSEES scores, only OMV lacks material exposure to new legacy assets. Conversely, Marathon is the only company that scores well in terms of new legacy exposure but not in terms of GSEES. Exhibit 1 shows the relative positioning of all the companies we have analyzed. We note that the data disclosed is not audited and is not consistent across the companies, and that many companies with GSEES Index scores below the average of 81 publish limited information on their social and environmental performance.