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DRAFT: The Outcomes Monitoring Framework: Detailed Indicator Descriptions

By Elizabeth Kennedy
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Historically the conservation community has not employed a systematic, consistent framework for measuring the status of conservation targets (species, sites, or landscapes/seascapes) (Balmford et al. 20031; Royal Society 20032). This has impeded our ability to conclusively and quantitatively demonstrate that conservation actions are (1) the right ones, (2) in the right place, and (3) achieving the conservation results we intend. Being able to accurately monitor the status of biodiversity in relation to our conservation
investments is extremely important, particularly in light of the recent decisions at the World Summit on Sustainable Development and the Convention on Biological Diversity where the world’s leaders agreed to significantly reduce the current rate of biodiversity loss by 2010 (United Nations 2002a3; United Nations 2002b4).