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ChevronTexaco in San Joaquin Valley , California : Participating in a Major Habitat Conservation Plan to Protect the Natural Habitat and Endangered Species

By International Petroleum Industry Environmental Conservation Association
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In the valley floor of Kern County, California, a major habitat conservation plan has been under way for 10 years to safeguard the remaining areas of natural habitat and a number of endangered plant and animal species.
ChevronTexaco represents the Western States Petroleum Association on the steering committee for the conservation plan, but is now also operating its own conservation plan to
protect approximately 13,500 acres of company land in the Lokern area of Kern County. A system of ‘land permits’ and ‘habitat credits’ will allow development to take place on a designated 10 per cent of the protected land whilst ensuring
that any resultant impacts on the local habitat are offset for the benefit of the resident listed species.