Can mitigation measures help my community?

National, regional or local policy that is well designed can help ensure sustainable development, achieve targets for the conservation of biodiversity and ensure that people are treated fairly and left no worse off as a result of development projects and their mitigation measures.

  • How to compare your government’s policy and practice against best practice.

Benchmark, Government Roadmap, Standard

Properly designed development projects that are needed for sustainable development, located in the right place, and that can transparently demonstrate best practice with their mitigation measures are important to the economy, for goods and services and for jobs. Best practice mitigation measures are designed for Biodiversity Net Gain and to ensure affected communities are not left worse off.

  • How to compare a company’s policy and practice against best practice.

Principles, Standard, Business Roadmap

There are important lessons learned – successes and failures – from decades of international experience with development planning and the mitigation of impacts on biodiversity.  An important lesson is that high standards are critical to ensure fair and equitable outcomes and successful conservation outcomes.  That is why BBOP developed its tools and resources, especially the Standard.