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International Conference on Trends in Forestry

Event Overview

International Conference on Trends in Forestry

May 11, 2000 - May 12, 2000

Curitiba, Brazil

The Boticário Foundation for the Protection of Nature, the STCP Engineering and Projects and the Federal University of the State of Parana, in partnership with Forest Trends, co-sponsored this conference. Leading professionals from Brazil and abroad presented and discussed important issues such as the directions and costs of forestry certification, the buyer's group for certified forest products, and the potential for business related to carbon sequestration. In addition, the conference brought new opportunities for the establishment of business relations and commercial partnerships between producers and buyers of forestry products. The schedule of the meeting is included below. There were many formal and informal opportunities to establish personal contacts, exchange information and commercial initiatives. Additional financial support for the conference was provided by Aracuz Celulose S.A., Berneck Aglomerados S.A., Deutsche Gesellschaft Für Techniche Zusammenarbeit (GTZ) and Ind. De Compensados Triângulo and Massisa do Brasil Ltda.


    International Seminar about Forest Tendencies (Portuguese)
    by Antonio J. Oliveira, Duratex

    Forest Certification in Brazil: The FSC (Portuguese)
    by Garo Batmanian, FSC Brazil

    Where the Green is I negociate (Portuguese)
    John Forgách, Banco Axial

    Carbon and Beyond: New Economic Instruments to Promote Forest Benefits
    Ken Chomitz, World Bank

    Sustainable Forestry and the Changing Economics of Land Use on the Amazon Frontier
    Robert Schneider, World Bank

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