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Forest Day 3

Event Overview

Forest Day 3

December 13, 2009

Copenhagen, Denmark
Radisson SAS Falconer Hotel

2009 is possibly the most  important year for forests in living memory. We are in the final  stretch of the road to Copenhagen, and COP 15, where negotiators expect  to finalise a post-Kyoto global climate agreement in December. To  coincide with the conference, CIFOR, the Collaborative Partnership on  Forests (CPF) and the Government of Denmark will host Forest Day 3.  Forest Day 3 will build on the success of Forest Day 1 and 2 in helping  to ensure forests are high on the agenda for future climate outcomes,  and will pave the way forward in making these outcomes work beyond  Copenhagen.


Forest Day 3    builds on a series of influential events. Forest Day 1 in Bali in 2007 helped    inform the inclusion of forests in the Bali Action Plan. Forest Day 2 brought    together almost 1000 participants and highlighted the importance of managing    forests for livelihoods, biodiversity and other benefits such as mitigating    climate change. Forest Day 3 is  directing its energies towards    ensuring that the design and implementation of forest-related climate    measures are effective, efficient and equitable.

For more information on Forest Day 3, please go to: http://www.cifor.cgiar.org/Events/ForestDay3/Introduction/

Forest Day 3

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