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Workshop Forests: A Resource for Development

Event Overview

Workshop Forests: A Resource for Development

May 11, 2004 - May 13, 2004

Tegucigalpa, Honduras

The purpose of this policy workshop was (1) to disseminate the experiences of recent forest sector reforms from other countries in Latin America and the world to policy-makers, legislators, academics, non-governmental organizations, private companies, and rural forest producers and their associations; (2) to aid the implementation of the new forest policy framework embodied in the proposed forest legislation by presenting successful experiences and lessons from decentralization of forest sector responsibilities.


“Intelligent” Forest Policies Arnoldo Contreras-Hermosilla
by Arnoldo Contreras-Hermosilla, Andy White Forest Trends

Experiences and Lessons of Decentralization in the Forestry Sector Hans Gregersen, Arnoldo Contreras-Hermosilla
by Hans Gregersen, Arnoldo Contreras-Hermosilla, Andy White, Lauren Phillips, Forest Trends

Markets, Challenges & Opportunities in Central America
by Karl H. Kehr

Changes in Land Tenure in the World’s Forests
by Augusta Molnar, Forest Trends

ACOFOP’s Experiences in the Sustainable Forest Management of the Maya Biosphere Reserve, Petén, Guatemala
by Mr. Marcedonio Cortave, Executive Director, ACOFOP

Community Business Experiences in Pine-Oak Forests
Israel Santiago, Mancomunidad de Pueblos Indígenas de Oaxaca; ,

Community Management for the Sustainable Use of Forests: the Case of México
by Gerardo Segura, Comisión Nacional Forestal, SEMARNAT, México

Normalization of Land: Basis for the administration of natural resources
by Unidad Coordinadora de Proyectos

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