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China’s Future Forest Products Trade

Event Overview

China’s Future Forest Products Trade

September 17, 2007 - September 18, 2007

Beijing, China
Beijing Oriental Garden Hotel

This workshop provided an overview of the forest product trade between China and its major supplier regions, and focuses on modeling scenarios of China’s future role in these markets in the medium to long term. Scheduled just prior to EU-China Conference on Forest Law Enforcement and Governance, the workshop was designed to engage experts in a dialogue on the most recent findings of the International Forests and Forest Products trade model. Discussions centered on efforts to mathematically model Chinese domestic consumption, production and imports, particularly Eastern Russia, currently China’s most important source for wood. Participants will learn to employ information from the IFFP trade analysis and find the underlying reasons for discrepancies between the scenarios. On Sept 18th, economic modeling practitioners delved into the technical details of the model and explore ways to extend the model’s usage in China and globally.


Evaluating China’s Forest Products Trade: History, Issues and the Future
by Gary Bull, UBC


Review of Capabilities of the International Forest and Forest Products Trade Model
by Steven Northway, UBC


China: International and Domestic Trade Scenarios
by Steven Northway & Gary Bull, UBC

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