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International Workshop on Development of Forestry Carbon Sequestration and Bio-energy in China

Event Overview

International Workshop on Development of Forestry Carbon Sequestration and Bio-energy in China

December 16, 2008 - December 18, 2008

Beijing, China
International Bamboo & Rattan Hotel

Event documents are temporarily unavailable. They should be re-posted shortly.

I. Workshop Agenda


II. Electronic Presentations

German National Programme on Bioenergy, Richard Lammel, Director General, German Forestry Administration, Federal Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Consumer Protection

Actions of China Forestry in Response to Climate Change, Wei Diansheng, Director General, Afforestation Department, China State Forest Administration

Exploring the Forest Ecological Compensation Mechanism of Beijing, Gan Jing, Deputy Director General of Beijing Municipal Bureau of Parks and Forestry

Bio-Fuels in 2008, Shi Yuanchun, Chinese Agricultural University

GHG Reductions, Market Developments, and Forest Carbon, Zach Willey, Economist Environmental Defense Fund

Forests: Taking Root in the Voluntary Carbon Markets, Kate Hamilton, Ecosystem Marketplace

A Full Accounting of Biomass Carbon Stocks of Trees over 1977-2003 and Prediction of Forest Carbon Sequestration by 2050 in China, Fang Jingyun, Peking University

Thoughts on Promoting Low-Carbon Economic Development in China – Review on Forest Carbon Sequestration and Biofuel Development from Economic Perspective, Zhang Lei, Director General, Forestry Economics and Development Research Center, China State Forest Administration

Carbon Finance for Sustainable Forest Management in China, Timm Tenningkeit, China Academy of Science

Forest Carbon Sequestration Development Strategy of Beijing, Wang Xiaoping, Director, Beijing Forestry and Parks Department of International Cooperation

Guidelines for Carbon Accounting and Monitoring, Zhang Xiaoquan, Chinese Academy of Forestry Science

Financial Aspects of Ecosystem Service Markets and Managing Risk, Daniel Spethman, Managing Partner, Working Lands Investment Partners, LLC

Forestry-Related Negotiation under UNFCC, Wang Chunfeng, Director, Climate Change Office, China State Forest Administration

EU & UK Emission Trading Scheme, Wu Lianhai, Scottish Agricultural College

China CDM Fund – An Innovative Mechanism for Addressing Climate Change, Wen Gang, Director, CDM Fund Management Center, China Ministry of Finance

Establishment and Operation of China Green Carbon Fund, Li Nuyun, Deputy Director General, Department of Afforestation, China State Forest Administration

Research on Establishing Forest Carbon Market in the Chinese Context, Xu Jintao, Professor, Peking University

The Important Role of Standards for Forest Carbon, Joanna Durbin, Director of Climate, Community & Biodiversity Alliance

Carbon Sequestration Capacity and Measurement of Eco-System of Moso Bamboo Forest, Zhuo Guomo, Professor, Zhejiang Forestry University

Practice of Reafforestation Project for Regulation of the Pearl River in Guangxi, China, He Sanzhong, Director, Forestry Agency in Guangxi Autonomous Region

Bioenergy Sustainability – WWF’s Perspective, Laszlo Mathe, Forest & Carbon Officer, WWF International

UNDP Partnership and Business Model and R&D of Cultivation Utilized Under the UNDP Jatropha Project in Hainan, China, Wu Jun, UNDP Technical Advisor

Preparation Technology of Biodiesel and Its Trend, Jiang Jianchun, Director, China Forestry Academy

Status Quo and Prospect of Forest Biomass Development in Beijing, Shi Hai, Director of Forestry Station, Beijing Municipal Bureau of Parks and Forestry

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