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The 3rd Potomac Forum on Illegal Logging and Associated Trade

Event Overview

The 3rd Potomac Forum on Illegal Logging and Associated Trade

March 24, 2009

Washington, DC, United States
House of Sweden


The objective of the Potomac Forum is to develop a better understanding of the issues, different perspectives and different initiatives currently being undertaken by governments, industry and NGOs on the issue of illegal logging and associated trade. The main focus has been on issues that are pertinent to U.S.-based organizations and markets. This can include international developments in both producer and manufacturing countries exporting to the U.S. (e.g. Indonesia, China) or consumer countries importing US-produced wood products (e.g. China, Europe). Past speakers have included Senator Wyden (D-Oregon), Congressman Earl Blumenauer (D-Oregon), and UK’s (now former) Minister of Biodiversity, Landscape and Rural Affairs Barry Gardiner. The Potomac Forum is now seen as an important location for U.S. stakeholders to gather for the latest information and to network.

Resources & Presentations

Lacey Act Amendments of 2008
Elinor Colburn

Australia’s Multi-Dimensional Approach to Illegal Logging
Australia’s Multi-Dimensional Approach to Illegal Logging

Japan’s Approach to Illegal Logging & Associated Trade
Kazuyuki Morita

EC FLEGT Action Plan Update
Malachy Hargadon, Delegation of the European Commission

Analysis of Draft EU legislation on ‘due diligence’ for timber operators
Duncan Brack

The Malaysia – EC Voluntary Partnership Agreement (VPA) Negotiations
Freezailah Che Yeom

Experience with Ghana
Kyeretwie Opoku

The Lacey Act and Due Diligence Requirements: A Legal and Practical Perspective
R. Juge Gregg

Perspective: Anderson Hardwood Floors and National Wood Flooring Association
Don Finkell

Modern Furniture Production & the Lacey Act
Magnus Björk

Why the Lacey Act is Important to the US Hardwood Industry
Jameson French

Promoting a Common Approach in International Timber Trade Federations’ Due Diligence Systems & Experience Working with Producers & Manufacturers
Scott Poynton

An Industry Perspective - International Paper
Christopher Davidson

The UK Experience with Due diligence: A changed perception? Rachel Butler
Rachel Butler

Wood identification training and technology for industrial compliance and governmental enforcement of the Lacey Act and CITES
Alex Wiedenhoeft

Certification Standards – How Do They Ensure Compliance with Emerging Legislative Requirements?
Corey Brinkema

Role of Certification Standards in Providing Due Diligence for Avoidance of Illegal Logging
Kathy Abusow

The Global Forest Risk Register and Implications for EU and US Markets,
Rick Hilton

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