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China and the Global Forest Products Trade

Event Overview

China and the Global Forest Products Trade

September 20, 2006

Beijing, China

First in a series of two workshops to present and discuss issues related to a sustainable forest and related industries' sector, which will cover aspects from strengthening domestic production and rural livelihoods through collective tenure reform to sustainable international trade. This workshop provides an overview of China 's domestic production of wood products and its relation with the global market. Proceedings include examples and policy recommendations for how governments (producer and consumer) and industry can use trade to advance sustainable and pro-poor forest trade.

For documents and resources related to this workshop, please contact jordan sauer at jsauer@forest-trends.org


China and the Global Market for Forest Products: Transforming Trade to Benefit Forests and Livelihoods
by Kerstin Canby, Forest Trends

China: Modeling Trade Scenarios for Forests and Forest Products
by Gary Bull, University of British Columbia


How Competitive is Wood Pulp Production in South China?
by Chris Barr, Center for International Forestry Research


Policy Research Priorities for China's Production Forestry
by William Magrath, World Bank


China's Timber Supply: Technical Models and Related Issues
by Zhang Sheng, FEDRC


The Global Challenge: Steps Towards Sustainable Forests, Livelihoods and Trade
by Andy White, RRI


Tackling Illegal Logging: The United Kingdom's Program
by John Hudson, DFID


Private Sector Experience with Supply Chain Management in South East Asia and China | Chinese
by Hugh Blackett, Tropical Forest Trust


China's International Trade of Forest Products from the view of FLEG
by Wu Baihai, FEDRC

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