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Publication Details - State of European Markets 2017 - Watershed Investments

State of European Markets 2017 - Watershed Investments


Genevieve Bennett, Alessandro Leonardi, Franziska Ruef - Forest Trends' Ecosystem Marketplace, ETIFOR, Forest Trends’ Ecosystem Marketplace






The European Union (EU)’s Water Framework Directive (WFD) sets ambitious targets for improving water management and water quality in EU water bodies, and conserving ecosystems within and around those water bodies. Despite progress, by 2015, still fewer than half of EU water bodies met the standard of “good status” (European Environment Agency 2015). Currently, many communities, companies, and local governments are showing growing interest in incentive mechanisms, local partnerships, and innovative approaches involving both the private and the public sector to address water risk. This report seeks to capture the scale and performance of incentives and market-based mechanisms for green infrastructure for water in Europe. Data was drawn from two primary sources: results of Forest Trends’ Ecosystem Marketplace’s 2016 survey of programme administrators on watershed investments in 2014 and 2015, and agri-environmental subsidy data on European Structural Investment Funds (ESIF) obtained from the EU’s System for Fund Management. Findings are presented at the European level, as well as the national level for countries where watershed investments are prominent. Several case studies are included to highlight innovative programmes. A total of 40 programmes were identified: 34 active or in the pilot/demonstration phase, four inactive, and two not yet transacting. In 2015, these programmes facilitated an estimated €5.7B in payments for watershed protection to landowners and public land managers on 13.4 million (M) hectares of land in Europe.


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