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Publication Thumbnail: Laos Log and Sawnwood Export Ban Laos Log and Sawnwood Export Ban

In May 2016, the Government of Lao PDR enacted...

Publication Thumbnail: UNFCCC Submission Regarding Views on APA Item 6 UNFCCC Submission Regarding Views on APA Item 6

Joint Submission by the Center for Carbon Removal, Conservation...


Publication Details - Indigenous Economic Enterprises (1)

Indigenous Economic Enterprises (1)

Emprendimientos Económicos Indígenas (1)







What are indigenous economic enterprises? These are the initiatives that communities use to enter into the market and that are based on their life plans. These enterprises are aimed at reaching the communities’ vision of wellbeing, and they could also contribute to territorial governance.
¿Que son emprendimientos económicos indígenas? Son iniciativas por las cuales los pueblos acceden a la economía de mercado, siempre arraigadas a los planes de vida con el fin de alcanzar el buen vivir de la comunidad. También, pueden aportar a la gobernanza territorial.


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