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Publication Details - Advanced REDD+ Finance

Advanced REDD+ Finance

Leveraging public finance to attract private sector dollars to REDD+ and related activities


David Tepper, Sarah Lowery - Forest Trends






The amount of REDD+ financing committed by the public and private sectors is substantially less than the amount of finance needed to decrease deforestation and degradation in the next decade. To attract financing to REDD+ and related activities such as climate smart, zero deforestation agriculture, we have the opportunity to create innovative and integrated financial architecture to minimize risks for the private sector and tap into various pools of finance besides strictly REDD+ funds. In this presentation, our Pathway to Finance approach outlines steps to achieving this objective, and we include an illustrative case study of the financing gap that public private architecture has the potential to address. A version of this presentation was used to guide a plenary session of 140 countries at the REDD+ Partnership meeting in Colombia in July 2012 through the ways in which public capital might be best structured to attract private capital to REDD+ activities.


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