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State of the Voluntary Carbon Markets 2009 – Exectutive Summary

By Katherine Hamilton, Milo Sjardin, Allison Shapiro, Thomas Marcello - Ecosystem Marketplace, New Carbon Finance, Ecosystem Marketplace, Ecosystem Marketplace
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We tracked 123.4 million metric tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent (MtCO2e) transacted in the global voluntary carbon markets in 2008, a near doubling of 2007 transaction volume (87% growth). Of the two main components that comprise the voluntary carbon markets—the CCX and the OTC—the CCX was responsible for the larger share of the market, trading 69.2MtCO2e (56%) versus 54.0MtCO2e (44%) in the OTC market.1 Not only was 2008 the first year that the CCX overtook the OTC market in terms of tracked volume, it also overtook the OTC market in terms of growth. CCX trades tripled in 2008 (202%), whereas the OTC market grew by 26%—a clear break from the trend in 2007, when the OTC market tripled, while the CCX only doubled.