Westervelt Ecological Services Makes Mitigation Sale

Biodiversity Water Jan 1, 2001
Ricardo Bayon

In a press release, Westervelt Ecological Services announced today that its "Mariner Vernal Pool Conservation Bank" is now open and approved to sell vernal pool preservation credits for projects in western Placer County, California. The press release also stated that the bank had already sold mitigation credits to the California Dept. of Transportation (Cal Trans) for its Highway 65 Bypass project. According to sources close to the deal, the 160-acre bank is strategically located has been highlighted as a priority preservation area in the Placer County Conservation Plan currently being prepared. Also other observers noted that the deal was interesting in that there had been some discussions of the state using its rights of eminent domain to obtain the property. As it is, the bank will complete a 691-acre vernal pool complex on the western edge of the city of Lincoln. In the press release, Greg DeYoung, Vice President of Westervelt Ecological Services, said "The site is one of those cornerstone properties that will assist vernal pool recovery in Placer County, and has been widely sought after by both private parties and conservation agencies for many years." Westervelt Ecological Services is a relatively new company created last year by three prominent California mitigation bankers –Craig Denisoff, Greg DeYoung and Greg Sutter– as part of Westervelt, the 123-year old land stewardship company based in Alabama. For further information or a copy of the press release, contact Craig Denisoff at cdenisoff@nullwesterveltecologicalservices.com