Unofficial US Climate Pavilion Officially Opens On Edge Of Climate Talks In Bonn

Climate Investments Nov 9, 2017
Steve Zwick

9 November 2017 | BONN | “The US will meet its goals, with or without the federal government,” said Mayor James Brainard of Carmel, Indiana, as he officially opened the unofficial US pavilion outside the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change meeting halls here.

Such pavilions traditionally serve as meeting hubs for environmental NGOs, green businesses, and governmental institutions at these talks, but the US Climate Action Center is a privately-funded structure erected outside the tightly-controlled meeting areas.

You can find a full list of events here, and many of them are being live streamed. You can follow the live stream below or here.

Dozens of private-sector speakers are slated to speak, along with governors, mayors, and state legislators, city council members, campuses, and investors. We will be covering some of the events, but the live stream is worth tuning into.