EM Dialogue: The Question of Statewide Mitigation Programs

Biodiversity Jan 1, 2001
Ecosystem Marketplace Team

We recently received a very interesting question about the North Carolina Ecosystem Enhancement Program's value as a model for statewide mitigation programs. We thought our readers would be interested in reading our answer and sharing their knowledge of statewide mitigation programs with others. The Ecosystem Marketplace regularly receives e-mails asking questions or making comments. Recently, we received an interesting question and realized we did not have a complete answer. So, we've decided to punt and ask it of you! We have been toying with ideas about how to involve our readers more in a dialogue on key issues relating to markets for ecosystem services. To begin this dialogue, we will pass on this question and then undertake to publish, on this page, all of your responses. In addition, we will go to people we know who have things to say on the issue, and ask them to offer us a written response which we will also publish here. The question is:

"The North Carolina Ecosystem Enhancement Program (EEP) has received a lot of favorable attention. But I don't know of any other states that have followed this model, although the model was created several years ago. Why hasn't it 'caught on'? At our organization we are often in the position of recommending policy changes to state governments re: land and water protection. Should we be including the NC model in our recommendations?"

In the last year we have seen a number of statewide agreements and pilots launched from Oregon to Texas to Washington, but none of them have really resembled North Carolina's EEP. Why not? This question, and its answers will also be sent out via our newsletter, Mitigation Mail. Please send your answer to: mitmail@nullecosystemmarketplace.com Let the discussion begin! — The Ecosystem Marketplace Team For a background story on the North Caroline EEP, see Proactive Mitigation: the Ecosystem Enhancement Program's approach to wetlands in North Carolina