EcoSecurities Buys Trexler Climate and Energy Services

Climate Forests Investments Jan 1, 2001
Ricardo Bayon

In a press release issued today, EcoSecurities –one of the largest companies in the business of sourcing and trading carbon credits– announced that it had acquired Trexler Climate and Energy Services (TC+ES), a US-based company in the business of climate change risk management. The deal is seen as a move by EcoSecurities to further penetrate the growing US carbon market. TC+ES, which is based in Portland, Oregon, has been helping companies in the US, Japan, and elsewhere manage its climate change risk for over 15 years. Under the deal, TC+ES will merge with EcoSecurities' 18-person consulting division to form the new EcoSecurities Global Consulting Services. This new outfit will reportedly be headed by TC+ES's founder and President, Dr. Mark Trexler. In a Press Release, Bruce Usher, CEO of EcoSecurities, based in New York, announced that "This partnership is highly strategic to EcoSecurities' expansion in the market for consulting and project development services in the United States and the rest of the world. Dr. Trexler has been a key figure in the founding and development of the overall field of climate change mitigation strategies both in the United States and beyond. We are delighted to welcome the TC+ES team to form EcoSecurities Global Consulting Services and look forward to continue being at the cutting-edge of the market as it expands in the United States and internationally."

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