Earth Day Katoomba Meeting Kicks Off In Lima, Peru

Apr 21, 2014


22 April 2014 | Global climate talks have consistently yielded disappointment since they launched in 1995, as have talks on biodiversity and desertification. The Peruvian government is making a concerted effort to ensure that this year’s climate talks, which culminate in Lima in December, are different.

Towards that end, they are hosting the 20th Katoomba Meeting from Tuesday through Friday of this week. The meeting is seen by many as a dry run for the December meeting, but its primary aim is to help break down the silos that characterize the global talks, as reflected in the motto “Climate, Forests, Water, and People: A Vision for Alignment in Tropical America“.

The first two days of Katoomba 20 take place in Lima on the same grounds as the year-end talks, and they are open to a broad range of participants. The second two days are by invitation only and take place in San Martin, where experts will participate in a series of workshops designed to turn theory into practice.

You can view the agenda here.

The Speakers

In addition to former Brazilian Environment Minister Marina Silva and current Peruvian Environment Minister Manuel Pulgar-Vidal, speakers will include leaders from Peru’s ministries of Agriculture, Irrigation, and Water, as well as leaders from the World Bank, WWF, and green corporate giants like Bunge.

For a complete list consult the program, and for biographies of key speakers, click on “Speaker Bios” (right).