Conservation and Biodiversity Banking

Biodiversity Jan 1, 2001

Edited by Nathaniel Carroll, Jessica Fox and Ricardo Bayon We are pleased to announce the release of Conservation and Biodiversity Banking: a Guide to Setting up and Running Biodiversity Credit Trading Systems. Conservation and Biodiversity Banking is the first comprehensive book on species mitigation banking. It provides practical guidance, tools, case studies, analysis, and insights into endangered species banking in the United States and abroad, and serves a handbook for a broad audience including private landowners, complying industries, regulating agencies, policy makers, bank developers, and interested general public. Conservation and Biodiversity Banking uses species credit banking in the U.S. (also known as conservation banking) as a model to demonstrate how an active biodiversity market can and might function. The first section of the book provides an introduction to this model. The second section of the book covers the ecological, legal, business, financial, and regulatory aspects of a species credit banking system and provides practical guidance to practitioners in the U.S. or outside the country. And in the final sections: State of the Art, International Influence, and Conclusion, we give readers a peak at where we think conservation banking may be heading in the near, and not-so-near, future. This book comes at a time of increasing recognition that traditional approaches to conservation are not sufficient to stem the loss of biodiversity. Creative ways of bringing biodiversity into the financial equations and decisions that underpin local and global economies is a powerful way to scale conservation up to the level of the threats faced. Biodiversity credit banking is one such tool that creates an economic value and demand for what is often considered a financial liability. Order your copy: Amazon | Earthscan | Stylus Download the brochure (PDF) » Read the press release (PDF) » Read the article, Biodiversity Banking – How Market Forces Can Promote Conservation (PDF) »

What People are Saying about Conservation and Biodiversity Banking

"This book outlines and details the emerging concept of conservation and biodiversity banking, a system that values environmental assets and creates the opportunity to leverage major private capital investment to achieve conservation objectives. Once again, the group at Ecosystem Marketplace has provided an invaluable service by editing this book, and it will undoubtedly be viewed as "the sourcebook" for any stakeholder involved with conservation banking." — George Kelly, Director of Business Development and Founder, Environmental Banc & Exchange, LLC "Conservation banks offer an important tool for species protection on lands that may otherwise be lost to development. This book offers the best guide yet to developing and improving on this emerging strategy with a goal for protecting larger landscapes for future generations." — Ken Sanchez, Assistant Field Supervisor, Sacramento Fish and Wildlife Service Office "Written by the leading practitioners and scholars in the field, this is the most comprehensive, practical book on the market for conservation banking. This book explains the theory of conservation banking, bank design, case studies of banks in action, the opportunities to seize and the pitfalls to avoid. If environmental policy makers, land use lawyers, developers, and entrepreneurs want to understand not only the nuts and bolts of how banking operates around the world but where it is going, they need to read this book." — James Salzman, Nicholas Institute Professor of Environmental Policy and Mordecai Professor of Law, Duke University "The book is an excellent primer for those looking to further investigate how conservation banking can provide a tool towards the end game of long term protection of our vital ecosystem services. It clearly captures the history, policy and complexities behind conservation banking with real world examples from leading experts in the field." — Steve Morgan, founder and chief executive officer, Wildlands Inc. "Conservation and Biodiversity Banking offers a thorough overview of this emerging practice from a stellar line-up of the nation's experts. The policy recommendations offered throughout provide a roadmap for the safeguards that are needed to ensure that conservation banking fulfills its promise to promote species conservation." — Jessica Wilkinson, Director, Wetlands & State Biodiversity Programs, Environmental Law Institute "Conservation banking is a new idea with considerable potential to contribute to the conservation of wildlife and other natural resources. Done right, it can not only make conservation efforts more successful, but enlist landowners as vital allies in those efforts. This book brings together some of the best minds and most experienced hands on the topic to explain what conservation banking is and how it works." — Michael Bean, Chairman, Wildlife Program, Environmental Defense