2013 National Mitigation & Ecosystem Banking Conference: A Summary of Coverage

Biodiversity May 12, 2013

 Ecosystem Marketplace was on hand at this year’s National Mitigation & Ecosystem Banking Conference in New Orleans to cover the conference and its outcomes. Here’s a full roundup of our coverage.

5/6/2013 –  Our top five picks for the big issues at this year’s conference.

5/7/2013 – Steve Martin presents RIBITS for 2013 at the NMEBC

5/8/2013 –  Randy Wilgis passes the NMBA Presidency to Doug Lashley; both reflect on priorities and challenges for the Association.  
5/8/2013 –  Larry Selzer’s keynote address challenges the industry to think bigger.

 “A Tale of Two Markets”  at the Eko-Eco blog
5/10/2013 –  What do new habitat credit trading systems mean for conservation banking?

Videoblogging the NMEBC  at Ecosystem Marketplace
5/8-10/2013  – We interview conference participants for their own take on the big issues.
  • Will McDow, Environmental Defense Fund  –  NGO-mitigation industry partnerships to build habitat credit exchanges in the Midwest
  • Timothy Male, Defenders of Wildlife –  Keeping it honest: NGO roles in promoting transparency, predictiability, and enforcement
  • Jennifer Moyer, US Army Corps of Engineers Regulatory Program –  Key issues and initiatives for the Corps
  • Craig Denisoff, Craig Denisoff Consulting –  The promise of habitat credit trading and ecosystem approaches
  • Travis Hemman, Westervelt Ecological Services –  Reducing regulatory uncertainty for conservation banks
  • Sarah Mack, Tierra Resources LLC  –  Developing the nation’s first wetland carbon credit pilot
  • Fabien Quétier, Biotope  –  French experiences with biodiversity offsets and the No-Net-Loss principle
  • Randy Wilgis, Outgoing NMBA President –  Progress so far: Standardization, regulatory challenges, and new partnerships
  • Doug Lashley, Incoming NMBA President –  Priorities for the future: Hard data, new opportunities, and strengthening the NMBA
5/13/2013 –  Permittees using mitigation bank credits get faster approval than with other mitigation options, according to new research.
5/14/2013 –  A new tool from the NMBA promises to revolutionize analysis of the mitigation banking industry.