Summary & Highlights

Katoomba XX identified opportunities for aligning strategies for climate, forests, water, and people. In particular, the meeting aimed to achieve the following:

  • Showcase the vision and leadership of Peru in utilizing ecosystem services-based approaches and innovative financing to achieve integrated outcomes for climate, forests, water, and people – including through featuring the guiding principles of the country’s forestry and climate change strategy, the national ecosystem services law, modernization of the water sector to support climate change adaptation and water resource management, and no net loss of biodiversity regulations and compensation, or offsets, guidelines
  • Showcase the leadership of subnational governments like San Martin and the importance of jurisdictional approaches that are well aligned with and supported by national strategies
  • From the perspective of Tropical America, articulate opportunities for commitments under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change and goals under the post-2015 development agenda to support integrated forests and land use strategies to achieve progress on climate change and water security
  • Identify clear strategies for ensuring that regional development strategies –including investment in infrastructure and agricultural production – support critical natural infrastructure and rural and indigenous communities.


Photo highlights of Katoomba XX


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Videos of the Event

Katoomba Meeting XX - Lima, Peru:‏ Panel - Interaction and Integration in Socio-Ecological Systems
Katoomba Peru - Panel: Why Our Policies Need Greater Alignment
Katoomba Peru - Panel: Aligning Subnational Strategies with National Policies
Katoomba Peru - Panel: Food, Energy, and Water Security in a Changing Climate
Katoomba Peru - Panel: Policies and Incentives for Forests, Water, and Indigenous Peoples
Katoomba Peru - Panel: Protecting Natural Infrastructure Amidst Economic Integration and Investments in Gray Infrastructure
Katoomba Peru - Panel: Leveraging Climate Finance for Sustainable, Inclusive Development