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2nd International Marine Conservation Congress

Event Overview

2nd International Marine Conservation Congress

May 14, 2011 - May 18, 2011

Victoria, BC, Canada

At the 2nd International Marine Conservation Congress, MARES held a Lunch Workshop on May 16: Where the Rubber Hits the Road: Stories from the Field on Innovative Conservation Financing Strategies

As new frameworks for marine and coastal resource management develop to complement existing frameworks, there is a parallel need for innovative financing mechanisms to ensure effective and full implementation of management and conservation activities. Because marine and coastal resources are generally public goods, traditional financing of marine and coastal resource management has largely been the responsibility of government. Yet, with decreasing government funds available and continued degradation of these natural resources, innovative and increased financial resources are needed to maintain and restore these valuable assets. The recent focus on ecosystem services has provided the needed shift for how we frame conservation and also for how we can capture for conservation purposes the total value that ecosystems provide to human well-being. This new framework also allows for analyzing tradeoffs between development and habitat conservation and the "return on investment" that nature conservation provides. Innovative financing examples from around the world are starting to demonstrate the effectiveness of public-private partnerships for protecting coastal and marine resources while incorporating the socioeconomic dimensions of resource management and protection.  By expanding how we conceptualize and finance marine and coastal conservation, we increase the suite of tools from which resource managers and conservation practitioners achieve their conservation goals.

Click here for the workshop abstract.

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