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The Business and Biodiversity Offset Program (BBOP) is a partnership between companies, financial institutions, governments and conservation experts to explore biodiversity offsets. Forest Trends and Wildlife Conservation Society provide the Secretariat for BBOP.

BBOP envisages a future in which the mitigation hierarchy is rigorously applied worldwide to a high standard by governments and the private sector for projects in all sectors, emphasizing avoidance and minimization, to achieve no net loss and preferably a net gain of biodiversity.


Dear BBOP Learning Network Member,
As you are aware the Business and Biodiversity Offsets Programme (BBOP) is a global collaboration among many different company, government, bank and civil society members.  It aims to help build broad societal involvement and support for appropriate and well-designed biodiversity offsets.  As part of its work plan up to 2012, BBOP is to prepare training materials and run courses in order to support financial institutions, environmental consultants, companies, governments and members of civil society in designing and implementing offsets.  
BBOP is carrying out a User Needs Assessment, in order to determine who might be interested in training on the mitigation hierarchy and biodiversity offsets, what kind of training they need, and what length, content and format the training courses should have.
We would be most grateful if you could please complete the 4-page questionnaire: simply download the document, type in your responses and return it to: therbert[at] Your responses will help BBOP design and structure its capacity building and training programme, and supporting materials, over the next few years.   We hope that the programme and materials will be of value to you and your colleagues in the future.
Please note that your personal information will be treated as confidential by BBOP.  We will not identify you or your institution in the amalgamated, summary report that will result from this User Needs Assessment.  
Please return the completed questionnaire to: therbert[at] by Friday 5 February 2010.
Very many thanks,

The BBOP Secretariat 

- The BBOP Secretariat Team
(Kerry ten Kate, Patrick Maguire, Amrei von Hase, Ray Victurine, Sebastian Winkler)