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A new information clearinghouse on investing in nature for Spanish speakers

On March 4th, 2013, www.ValorandoNaturaleza.org. sister site to the EcosystemMarketplace.com, will come online. This new information platform is designed exclusively to generate and bring together quality information about the valuation of and investment in ecosystem services in Latin America.


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Forest Trends’ Valorando Naturaleza believes that our economy depends on healthy ecology and ecosystems. Forests, for example, conserve soils, filter and regulate water, and act as a bulwark against climate change by absorbing carbon. We wish to promote the value of environmental services from biodiversity, water and carbon that for too long have been undervalued.

By providing accessible reliable information about policy, finance, science and other topics related to environmental incentives, we can ensure that conservation and pollution reduction form a foundation of our economic and environmental systems. We seek to increase transparency, catalyze ideas and stimulate new investments in ecosystems. Above all, we aim to help achieve effective and equitable conservation of natural resources in the region.

Valorando Naturaleza is an initiative of Forest Trends’ Ecosystem Marketplace, a leading source of information on environmental markets and payments for ecosystem services. Valorando Naturaleza and Ecosystem Marketplace offer a free service that informs and connects businesses, decision makers, researchers, and community groups. This Spanish-language platform is based on the model followed during the last eight years by Forest Trends’ Ecosystem Marketplace, developing publicly available information including annual reports, quantitative market tracking, weekly articles, daily news and news briefs for different payments for ecosystem services stakeholders.

Utilizing a broad network of collaborators working with environmental incentives and journalists in the region, Valorando Naturaleza provides:

  1. Original news coverage and in-depth analysis;
  2. Daily news aggregation;
  3. Profiles and opinion pieces by leaders in the region;
  4. Listings of events, job openings, fellowships, courses, requests for bids and other opportunities;
  5. A Library of relevant tools and reports and multimedia resources.

We hope you visit ValorandoNaturaleza.org often, and inform us of your own news by sending us press releases, updates and stories. Please utilize our platform to share your publications, events, and opportunities with a broad and extensive audience in the region. Write us at contacto@valorandonaturaleza.org.

In March and April you can find us at events in Washington D.C., Chile and Colombia, and in online webinars. Check for details at http://www.valorandonaturaleza.com/eventos/

We thank the Climate and Development Knowledge Network (CDKN) for their support in the launch of this effort to broaden the knowledge and communication between stakeholders using this invaluable tool to finance mitigation and adaptation to climate change.

Carina Bracer
Project Manager, Valorando Naturaleza

Kate Hamilton
Director, Ecosystem Marketplace

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